Paul wrote to the Thessalonian church to remind them to keep their identity focused on Christ while being surrounded by an assortment of other religious and philosophical beliefs. He wrote to remind them to keep their focus on the hope of simplicity of their salvation and to not get side tracked with various rumors of the end of times. He wrote to encourage them to have the strength and resolve to endure persecution and hard times. Paul wrote to keep them dedicated to the Kingdom of God in the midst of many outside influences and distractions to the faith.
These two letters might just be a “little bit” relevant in 2020, don’t you think?

August 30 – Welcome, Songs, and Communion

1 Thessalonians

August 30 – Sermon – “Faith, Love, and Hope”

  • Presented by: Dusty Delafield

September 6 – Welcome, Songs, and Communion

September 6 – Sermon – “An Example that Influences”

  • Presented by: Dusty Delafield

September 13 – Welcome, Songs, and Communion

September 13 – Sermon – “Me and My Sibling’s Faith”

  • Presented by: Dusty Delafield

September 20 – Welcome, Songs, and Communion

September 20 – Sermon – “Holy Living – Part 1”

  • Presented by: Dusty Delafield

September 27 – Welcome, Songs, and Communion

September 27 – Sermon – “The Sky is Falling”

  • Presented by: Dusty Delafield

October 4 – Welcome, Songs, and Communion

October 4 – Sermon – “Holy Living – Part 2”

  • Presented by: Dusty Delafield

November 1 – Communion

2 Thessalonians

November 1 – God’s Power, Patience, and Justice

  • Presented by: Dusty Delafield

November 8 – Communion

November 8 – Rumors of the Second Coming

  • Presented by: Dusty Delafield

November 15 – Welcome, Songs, and Communion

November 15 – Sermon – “The Tale of the Mooching Moochers”

  • Presented by: Dusty Delafield