Psalm 24

March 15 – Psalm 24

A message of hope and peace in times of uncertainty

  • Presented by: Dusty Delafield

Sunday Services Canceled for Sunday, March 15, 2020

Hello MCC,

There has been much said about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), precautions from medical experts, social distancing mandates and suggestions from numerous government officials. As a leadership we have taken our role in this very seriously. After much deliberation we felt that the wisest decision was to cancel church tomorrow, March 15, 2020. We want to protect our church, and we want to honor our government. We would rather look back on this and think that we over reacted by canceling, instead of looking back and wondering if we would have prevented the spread if we would have canceled. Above we have posted a special message for this Sunday based out of Psalm 24. Stay safe, wash your hands, and be in prayer for our country and our churches as we face the unknown together.

Love you all,
Dusty D.