Children’s Director

Dawn Sowders - Children's Director

As the Children’s Director, Dawn works with a large team of volunteers to organize and plan all of the education and activities for our children (Birth – 5th Grade). Dawn’s passion is evident through the effectiveness of her ministries. She keeps a well balanced children’s program running here at MCC so that children learn, have fun, and want to return week after week, event after event. Dawn directs the Children’s Ministries as one of the staff members in the U18 (under 18) POD.


  • Married to: Shane in December 1994 at MCC

  • Children: Madison and Logan

  • School / Degree: Hanover College, Chemistry, B.A. and Miami University, Chemistry with Molecular Biology, Ph.D.

  • Hired at MCC: Fall 2008


Hobbies / Personal Interests:

Vegetable gardening, reading, scrapbooking and spending time with my family.


Pet Peeves:

People who drive slow in the fast lane and lights being left on in empty rooms.


Favorite Child TV Shows:

Mr. Rodgers and Little House on the Prairie


Current Favorite TV Shows:

Downton Abbey and NCIS


Favorite Dessert:

Oreo Delight