The Logo and Our Core Values

Miamitown Church of Christ - Growing in God,; Investing in People

The branches left to right represent our five Core Values

Branch 1: God is First – In all things following Him is the priority

The first branch has no branches branching off, it is the longest, and points up at the end signifying that God is the singular priority.

Branch 2: Devoted to God – A full dependence on Him and a complete abandonment of self

The second branch is the only branch that is not fully visible. The leaves obstructing the view represent self abandonment and living by faith and not by sight, trusting and depending on God.

Branch 3: Growing God’s Kingdom – Increasing and developing devoted disciples of Jesus

Branch number three divides and then those divisions divide again, this represents disciples making disciples who make disciples.

Branch 4: Actively Investing – Taking personal responsibility; doing whatever it takes to move the Gospel forward

This branch depicts this Core Value with a simple arrow. The arrow represents investing in people and advancing the Gospel.

Branch: 5: Connecting with people – Building real relationships with others through compassion, service, and support

The last branch has a number of off-shoots representing intentional connections with others.