Pastoral Care

A ministry that is focused to meet the needs of the members of Miamitown Church of Christ.

Hospital Visitation:

The ministerial staff of MCC each has his assigned day during the week, but the needs of the people are greater than the abilities of the staff. Thanks to about 34 volunteers, you will see the church members as well as the ministers while you’re in the hospital.

After Care:

What happens when you go home from the hospital? Hopefully you get better. Beyond that, this ministry makes sure that a person’s needs are being met after a hospital stay. This is a phone based ministry where a church member calls after someone leaves the hospital and they take a survey of their needs. They will pass on any needs to ministers, leaders and other team members to see that these needs are met.

Meal Ministry:

Meals are such a simple everyday part of our lives, often we do not give them much thought. When someone is faced with a death or hospitalization, preparing meals after such an event can be difficult. This ministry consists of 50 ladies who cook and share their meals and love with families that return home from the hospital or are just too sick to cook for themselves.

The Bereavement Meal Ministry has many volunteers that do more then provide a meal for those who have lost a loved one. They provide love, care and even share in tears during a very difficult time.

Membership Care:

This new developing ministry will be targeting members that seem to vanish. People vanish from churches for many different reasons that range from personal problems at home to differences with people at church. But what ever the reason, we know that there is a need. This ministry focuses on working with these people through phone calls or visitation from church members or staff.


This ministry sends visitors to the nursing home or the home of a “shut-in” to bring them a Christian friend to talk and pray with, just to let them know someone cares about them.


This is a ministry that is designed to bring a part of the worship service to those who are unable to attend Sunday services due to sickness or hospital stay.

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