On December 30, 2020 we sold one of our church vans, however we did not remove our church’s name from the van before selling it (which is a mistake that we will not make again – “Oof” if you’re under 30 – “D’oh!” if you’re over 30). The current owner, who has no connection to our church, has placed a bumper sticker on the van that is distasteful to say the least. I have personally taken efforts to reach out to the buyer to see if they will kindly remove this sticker from the van with our name on it or allow us to remove our name from the van. It was a cash sale and the person responsible for selling the vehicle has been unable to find accurate contact information. It really is a mess.

(Below is an update with screen shots for those who would like concrete proof to our claim)

If you are a praying person, would you be so kind as to pray for us as we seek to resolve this situation? Regrettably, the picture is on the internet so there’s nothing we will be able to do about further circulation. Sadly, people have enough churches out there that present a poor picture of our God; at Miamitown Church of Christ we work hard to make sure that we do our best to present a good picture. It is extremely unfortunate that this has happened.

I have been the Preaching Minister at this church since 2005 and I can assure you that the message on this bumper sticker (or any message of the like) does not reflect what we teach and practice here at our church. Don’t just take my word on that, come and see for yourself! You are welcome to join us for a worship service on any given Sunday. Feel the friendliness of what church should feel like, be inspired and challenged by God’s Word, and connect with God through singing or listening to the worship songs. We also have a number of fun events through the year that we would love to have you share in with us!  Feel free to dress however you feel most comfortable.

If you have children, we have an excellent children’s ministry, “MCC KiDS.”  It is safe, secure, and fun.  If you have teens we have something for them also!  Visit our “MCC Students” page to see the growing opportunities we are building.

You can call the office, email a church staff member or the Elders with any questions you might have, or just stop by on a Sunday morning!

See you Sunday,

Dusty D.


After sharing numerous times in various forms of correspondence that we have sold our van, unfortunately we still have a number of people who doubt that we are telling the truth. Below are some screen shots from a CarFax report (view the full report here if you would like), and BMV records that you can look up yourself using the title numbers from the CarFax report. If you know who the current owner is please contact us using our contact page or calling us at 513-353-2226.


Dusty D.