2017 Sermons


Our Christmas series this year is simply titled: “Christmas.” A few thought inspiring messages centered around the birth of our Lord Jesus. December 10 – “When God Gives…” […]

2017 Sermons


There are always certain expectations placed on things in our lives. What about the expectations of us as Christians? What does the world expect from us? What should […]

2017 Sermons

The Big Ten

The heart and purpose behind the 10 Commandments (or the 10 “statements”) are still potent and relevant to us today.  Take a moment and imagine what our society […]

2017 Sermons / Sermons


Fundamental elements of our faith.  Elements that our faith cannot exist without.  Essentials.  Necessary pieces.  Such that, if we would remove just one our faith would collapse like […]

2017 Sermons

7 Priorities of Jesus

The Church is Jesus’ Church. The Church belongs to Him. The Church represents Him. There is an ideal set for Jesus’ Church by Jesus Himself. How Church should […]

2017 Sermons


Amazing!  Jesus is amazing!  He did some amazing things while He was here on earth and said some amazing things while on this earth.  In this series we […]

2017 Sermons

Christos Ekklesia

The first time the word “ekklesia” is used in scripture it is used by Jesus.  This Greek word, “ekklesia,” means “a group of people gathered or assembled for […]

2017 Sermons

Make Your Move

Our first Sunday with our new service time was ushered in by a message from one of our Elders, Ryan Borntrager.  We must never settle for a mediocre […]