flat jesus

Flat Jesus Project

I would like to introduce you to FLAT JESUS.   Similar to the story by Jeff Brown about Flat Stanley, who travels the world with children and their families, we would like for our children to move FLAT JESUS around their world.

Children will personalize their own pictures of FLAT JESUS in May and turn them back in so they can be laminated.  FLAT JESUS will be returned to the students so that He can go with the children to everyday family activities (and on special events like family trips, reunions, outings, and adventures. Children can mail FLAT JESUS to out of town family and friends and ask them to share a picture and adventure with Him. At the same time, we will be mailing FLAT JESUS to our missionary families so that FLAT JESUS can participate in their lives as well.

  • The children can share their adventures with FLAT JESUS by taking digital pictures. We will be following FLAT JESUS on Facebook, too, so feel free to post your pictures and stories to Facebook.
  • A special feature with a scan code (QR Code) will be on the FLAT JESUS. If you have a SMART phone, scan the code with your GPS turned on and we will be able to add it to the list of places Jesus has visited with your child.
  • We will talk about the pictures and adventures of FLAT JESUS as they are recorded. All will learn more about life around the world.
  • Prizes will be awarded in several categories (i.e. best outfit, best story, furthest distance traveled, etc.).
  • In August, we will have some very special activities and lessons focusing on FLAT JESUS.

Why participate in the FLAT JESUS PROJECT?

FLAT JESUS is a reminder that we need Jesus’ presence with us everywhere we go.

Summer is a time of unique opportunities to travel, do different things, and see different people. This is a great blessing, but it often means our church family is a bit disjointed and does not see each other as regularly, FLAT JESUS is a way to stay connected to your faith and your church family.

As we remember that the Real Jesus is with us wherever we go, take FLAT JESUS along as a witness to your faith as you travel His creation and see family and friends. It’s a great conversation starter about your faith.  How people can you share FLAT JESUS with this summer?

It’s an amazing adventure. Take FLAT JESUS with you and see what happens.

Flat Jesus Sightings