2020 Egypt Mission Trip Presentation

Logo - C.A.S. - Christian Arabic Services

In February of 2020 we had a team of 7 travel to Egypt to share and invest in to a mission that we are very closely connected with, C.A.S. – Christian Arabic Services. We normally have a Sunday soon after the trip to share about our experiences, but soon after…

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Logo - Signs - The Gospel According to John

John was very deliberate in the organization and writing of his account of the Gospel Jesus. He specifically chose 7 miracles that he refers to as “miraculous signs” that reveal Jesus’ glory to us. John’s end game is that those who get to see Jesus would believe in Him and…

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A New Day

Logo - A New Day

We could all use a “new day” couldn’t we? A reset, a new beginning. As we begin a new year, in this series we explore a number of ways that you can experience a new day. January 3 – Welcome, Songs, and Communion January 3 – Sermon – “A New…

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