Core Values

Core ValuesThe foundational beliefs of an organization. The guiding principles.  Guard rails.  Like lines on a playing field they define the boundaries.  They mark various places on the field or court that are important to know about.  They show where the end zone is and how close or how far away you are from scoring a touchdown.  They show where the out of bounds are.  They connect the bases.

If you see a thriving, successful organization they will have clearly defined and supported, lived out core values.  And the opposite is true also, an organization that does not have clearly defined and supported core values will struggle to survive.

A little over a year ago we started on a church-wide journey to better position ourselves where God wants our church.  We called this process “Renewing the Focus.”  We have had many people involved in various teams contributing to this effort.  The latest chapter in this journey was for the leadership team to take all of the information provided from the hard work of these various teams and form a mission statement.  And then out of that mission statement form core values for our church.

We will be revealing our NEW Mission Statement on August 5.  Leading up to that day, in each of the Sundays in July, we will be revealing our NEW Core Values.