Acts 2012 – i can be the church

Acts 2012 - i can be the churchThe first Sunday of every month

This year will be both challenging and encouraging. The messages this year are designed to give tools to equip the church at MCC to be “The Church.” What a better place to find these tools than the book of Acts.

Here’s how this is going to work:

The first Sunday in each month will be from the book of Acts. The messages for the following 3 or 4 weeks in that month will follow suit with the main theme brought up by the message from Acts on that first Sunday. The goal of this year is that through this study, everyone of us will be able to say with confidence, “i can be the church!”

  • August 5 – “One”

    • Acts 15b-18a

    • Presented by:  Dusty Delafield

  • September 2 – “Relevant”

    • Acts 18b-21a (plus 2 and 13)

    • Presented by:  Dusty Delafield

  • October – “My Story”

    • Acts 22 (this sermon was skipped due to schedule changes, but was used in a 2013 series called “Sharing My Faith” – the link is shared below)

    • Presented by:  Dusty Delafield

  • November – “My Boat”

    • Acts 27 and Jonah

    • Presented by:  Dusty Delafield