Dusty Delafield

Preaching Minister

Dusty Delafield - Preaching Minister

Dusty creatively motivates and challenges in the Sunday morning messages, using sound Biblical truth, practical application, interactive learning, and rumor has it you’ll have lots of fun in the process!


  • Married to: Jessica

  • Children: Isaiah and Judah

  • School / Degree: Kentucky Christian College, BS in Bible with a Literature Minor

  • Hired at MCC: August of 2005

Hobbies / Personal Interests:

Zoo trips, movies, and various other things we do together as a family.  Going out with my wife on a date, finding sometime to hangout at the house when the day quiets down to talk, or just sit together and watch a show.  Both of our boys inherited my Star Wars and video game “geek gene” and we enjoy sharing in those common interests together.  It’s not uncommon for some “Bible” topic to pop-up in conversation with my boys, which is a real joy to live out the wisdom of Deuteronomy 6.  I enjoy those moments.  We have a growing number of pets that we enjoy as a family.  My birds will often ride in with me and join me in the office:  a Cockatiel (Pearl) and Green-naped Lorikeet (Wyld Berry).  I’m enjoy Tae Kwon Do, PC gaming, and playing guitar.

Pet Peeves:

Most anything negative, negative comments, negative criticism, negative attitudes, negative people, negative numbers in my bank account, negative temperatures, the list just goes on and on. . .

Favorite Child TV Shows:

Land of the Lost, The Dukes of Hazzard, The A-Team, Knight Rider, The Greatest American Hero, Mork and Mindy, The Muppet Show, Friday night Kung Fu Theater with the smell of Dad grilling hamburgers and my mom’s baked beans coming from upstairs.

Favorite Dessert:

Special occasion deserts: Cheesecake or Key Lime Pie
Casual occasion deserts: Apple pie with vanilla ice cream (if you don’t have the ice cream I don’t want the pie, it’s a package deal) or brownie with ice cream (if you don’t have the ice cream, um, yeah, I’ll still eat the brownie)
Anytime desert: Ice Cream

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