2012 Archived Message Series

Armed with the Basics

Armed with the Basics

God's Word, The Church, Worship, Salvation. These are some of the basic, yet powerful tools that God has provided for us in His Kingdom. The basics.

In this series Dusty will present a general message on each of these subjects, but the additional content of the message will be guided by the questions you submit on these topics. So if you've ever had a question to ask on one of these four topics: The Word, The Church, Worship, and Salvation, the click here to submit your question.

  • September 9 - "The Word"
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    Below are links to the Bulletin inserts and Reading Plans
  • Click here to view the Bible Reading Tips (PDF)
  • Click here to go to "iloveatheists.com" to view the 6 Extraordinary Evidences that the Bible is the inspired Word of God
  • The Extreme Challenge, 90 Days Read through the whole Bible word for word
  • The E100 Bible reading plan that covers key passages from cover to cover in 100 days
    • Click here for the PDF version
    • Click here to go to the online reading plan through YouVersion
    • Click here to follow Dusty's blog as he reads through the E100 plan and shares his journey
  • September 16 - "The Church"
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  • September 23 - "Worship"
  • September 30 - "Salvation"
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