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October 2008

I’m really taken back when I look at our church prayer list and see all of those in our church who are struggling with cancer. It is even more astounding to think of all those in our city, our state, our nation and our world that face this disease. Cancer knows no mercy and chooses no favorites.

A popular treatment for cancer is called “Chemotherapy.” The idea of this therapy is to release drugs into your body that kill off that which is killing you on the inside.

When I look out around our church, sit in a crowded restaurant or a crowded shopping center, or attend a large event, like a concert or a fair, I look around at all of the people and I am reminded that even as tragic and monstrous as cancer is there are things that are even more deadly, more tragic, and more monstrous that aren’t being treated.

We all have sin. Some sin is easier to keep secret than other sin. These sins can lay beneath the surface and eat away at us from the inside out, all the while the horrible effects of this sin are carefully and masterfully masked from those around us. Sins like envy, apathy, lust, greed, bitterness, jealousy and unforgiveness.

This series of messages is called, “Chemo,” because the goal of these messages is to kill that which is killing us from the inside. Don’t be another statistic, don’t be another number, let’s face these horrible subjects together so that we can return to health once again.

  • October 5 - The Joneses
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  • October 12 - The Grudge
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  • Ocbtober 19 - I Don't Care Anymore
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  • Ocbtober 26 - Dirty Little Secret
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