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Behind Enemy Lines
October 2007

Many of us realize it, but we donít quite live like it. What am I talking about? Iím talking about war. We are at war this very minute and we just ignore it. We live life like thereís nothing going on out of the ordinary. No, Iím not talking about the mid-east, Iím talking about inside your car, your work place, under your bed and in your closet. Satan is always lurking and prowling seeking to devour, destroy and deceive. In October we will step ďbehind enemy linesĒ and take a good look at who and what we are up against.

  • October 7th - The Origin of the Enemy.
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  • October 14th - Twisted Tactics of the True Terrorist.
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  • October 21st - The Devil Made Me Do It!
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  • October 28th - The Seed, The Dragon and Me.
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  • We will be looking at who Satan is and where he came from. We will expose the tactics, power and influence that he has available to him. We will explore our ability to resist him. And we will journey through the years and see the cosmic battle that has been going on since the beginning of time.

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