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Upside-down Kingdom
May 2006

There are many reversals in the Bible as we understand the way that Christ wants us to understand this new Kingdom that we have entered as His Children. A change in our psychology is among the many things that God has for those who are willing to be molded into the children that He wants us to be. We live in a Kingdom that is not of this world, and the philosophies that we as Christians, that is “little Christs” have, are not the same philosophies of this world. We have been called to be different. We have been called out of the darkness and into His marvelous light!

The Upside-down Kingdom will change our worldview. We will be “dying to live and living to die”. We will understand the foreign concept of the “Servant Leader.” And in the Upside-down Kingdom we will realize that it is more than just obeying commandments, it is about giving our heart.

  • April 30th - Momentum, Programming & P.O.V.
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  • May 7th - Come and Die.
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  • May 14th - The Servant Leader.
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  • May 21st - You Have Heard That It Was Said...
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