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December 2007

This Christmas Season we will be unpacking the power of the famous John 3:16, hence the name of the series, “316.” This verse has become popular because in this one verse is the mission of Jesus and the story of the Gospels laid out simply and plainly for us to see. The whole story of salvation found in one verse. It’s a powerful verse. It’s a popular verse. But is it a personal verse to you? How deeply have the roots of this verse reached into your heart? Do you know only the words of this verse, or do you truly know the potency of what this verse says.

This will be a challenging series for all, so bring your unconvinced friends. Bring your questioning co-workers. Bring your family members who have gotten out of the habit of attending and let’s unwrap the joy of this verse together!

  • December 9th – "What Was God Thinking?"
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  • December 16th – "The Most Unique Birth, Ever"
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  • December 23rd – "Gift of Healing"
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