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"Living in the Red "
February 2007

We live in a world that just doesn’t seem to stop. Too often we feel like we must keep up with the speed of those around us if we want to be successful. But what do we sacrifice on the way; time with our family; our physical health; our mental health; our trust in God? Many of us live in the red, with our time, with our finances, with our emotions and with our physical limits. We are not meant for this pace. When you overload a circuit it breaks. When you hold your foot on the gas petal too hard for too long the engine will blow. Living in the red is dangerous, come find out what God’s Word has to say about how to escape this cycle.

  • February 4th - Give Me a Break!
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  • February 11th - I Need Some Space!
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  • February 18th - Less is More
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