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"Time to Care "
April 2009

It's time to expand God's work in our church. It's time to involve more people in the ministry of sharing Christ with others. It's time take the next step, moving from educated church members to active Kingdom harvesters.

In order for our church to function as the church should, we need to experience God's Holy Spirit working through all of God's people to reach out to others. The needs of our guests and visitors cannot be met by our church staff, elders, and ministry leaders. Only by equipping the whole church to do the work of ministry will the church gather the harvest.

Get ready for a whole new level of excitement in our church. Get ready to work, and enjoy what you do, while seeing Kingdom results. People matter to God, so people matter to MCC. Let's learn how to show this better. It's time to care.

  • April 19 - Part 1: Love
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  • April 26 - Part 2: Mobilize
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  • May 3rd - Part 3: Guest Speaker: Duane Skjervem
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