Foundations: A Study in Genesis

Foundations: A Study in Genesis

The book of Genesis is precise in its documentation. It is a historical documentary filled with specific dates, locations, and people. A good deal of the information in Genesis has been consistent with other historical documents and confirmed through archaeological discoveries.

Our faith stands on a firm foundation that begins in the book of Genesis. It is trustworthy, it is God’s Word, and it is what we stand on as His people. Our culture and society have been trying to chip away at this foundation. Seeking peace with those around us does not involve compromising what we understand as fact and truth. We cannot compromise our foundation by letting Satan’s age old tactics get the best of us, “…does God’s Word really say that?.. …is that really what God meant?.. …surely that can’t be 100% true…” We cannot sit idly and let the social mattock of our culture chip away at our foundation. We must believe, trust, and stand on truth.

  • October 27 – “Participation Trophies”

    • Presented by: Dusty Delafield

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